Being alone in Bucharest

‘Who are you going with?’ – my least favourite words before a trip. Particularly before this trip. Because the answer was no-one, I was going to Bucharest alone. The responses were mixed, but generally they all made me feel terrible. Apart from one, one girl said it was really cool and she wished she could… Continue reading Being alone in Bucharest

32 hours in Belgium

After moving to Reading, my sister suggested I checkout to meet new people, naturally I was most interested in the travel groups and had soon signed up for a weekend trip to Rotterdam in November for a festival. So being skint, I booked my bus and headed to the bus station after work. Unfortunately,… Continue reading 32 hours in Belgium

28 Days in Vietnam

As the title suggests, I spent 28 days in Vietnam. In 2014, I flew alone to Hanoi to meet the Real Gap tour group I would spend the next month with. I knew very little about Vietnam, I didn’t know anyone that had been, I knew it was growing in popularity in the backpacking crowd… Continue reading 28 Days in Vietnam

Once upon a time… I went inter-railing

I currently have a lot of spare time. Spare time makes me reflective. Today  I have been casting my mind back to when I was 18, still living at home and just finishing college. I wanted to travel, to see the world, or at least a little part of it. I decided to go inter-railing, solo.… Continue reading Once upon a time… I went inter-railing