Who wants to read more new year’s resolutions…anyone?

I’m sure everyone has seen enough posts about goals for the new year and the standard new year’s resolutions. I am not here to claim that I have anything groundbreaking to say, or anything new, or particularly interesting on the subject. I would just like to have a record to review this time next year.… Continue reading Who wants to read more new year’s resolutions…anyone?

What’s wrong with hope?

So 2017 is finally here. Social media pages fill up of hopeful posts, badmouthing 2016 and wishing for better things in 2017, but why should we be hopeful? When the clock struck 12 on December 31st, nothing changed but the calendars on our phones, we were no closer to resolving any of the countless problems… Continue reading What’s wrong with hope?

Once upon a time… I went inter-railing

I currently have a lot of spare time. Spare time makes me reflective. Today  I have been casting my mind back to when I was 18, still living at home and just finishing college. I wanted to travel, to see the world, or at least a little part of it. I decided to go inter-railing, solo.… Continue reading Once upon a time… I went inter-railing

I am Scottish, British, European.

In 2014, I was scared, scared that Scotland would leave the UK. I worried about possible economic consequences, divides within Scotland and obviously about the ‘divorce’ from the rest of the UK. I have always been proudly British. I was relieved when I woke up on September 19th to find we would remain a part of… Continue reading I am Scottish, British, European.