85. Get a Help to Buy ISA

Earlier I posted about my 101 things to do in 1001 list, I have now completed 2 of the 101 things. One of which being ‘get a help to buy ISA’. For those not aware, a help to buy ISA is a savings account for first time buyers – you add to it and if your house meets certain criteria the government will add to your savings.

If I am being honest, the only reason I got a help to buy ISA was because my Dad told me to. I am not a great saver, in fact I am actually terrible with money but, I really do need to start saving if I ever want to get on the property ladder. But, as the media keeps reminding me, my chances of ever getting there are slim. I know if I put enough effort into saving then eventually I will be able to get on the property ladder.

The question I am unsure of is, do I want to? A mortgage terrifies my inner commitment phobe, people of my parents generations seem to have stayed in the same house for decades. How can a person in their 20s find a house they are happy to live in forever? Financially, I still feel like eventually being a homeowner makes the most sense and I know once I get older I won’t want to be moving around but right now the thought of committing to that extent means admitting I am getting older, settling down. I like to think I am a fun, spontaneous, ambitious person. In reality, I’m not. I like structure, routine, security but a mortgage just seems like the ultimate way to admit that to myself. So for right now, I’m going to keep saving, but the jury is still out on if that’s for a mortgage.


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