New Years Resolutions Update

On January 3rd 2017, I posted on wordpress a fairly ambitious list of new years resolutions. We are now 8 months into 2017, how did that happen so quickly?! It’s time to reflect. I want to review the goals I had nearer the start of the year, what is still important to me, and what, if any, progress has been made. So here goes…

  • Exercise regularly – Failed. Joined the gym last month and have been 3 times since.
  • Read more books – Doing okay. Probably reading more than last year. Could definitely do better
  • Blog more often – okay so technically I am blogging more. But I didn’t blog much at all last year so the bar was pretty low for this one…
  • Go outside everyday – Have not got a 100% track record for this BUT i am doing so so so much better than 2016 so I am classing this one as a success.
  • Travel – I’ve been to Barcelona, Prague, Cuba so far, and going to France in 2 weeks. So not doing too badly here.
  • Be sociable – I am trying my very best. Another one where I am not doing great but a good improvement from last year.
  • Meet new people. – I have technically met new people but not through much effort I have put in myself. I want to start trying to meet a better variety of people.
  • Keep room tidy – Absolute fail. I have moved since I wrote this to a much smaller room and it turns out that actually makes it harder to keep tidy.
  • Help charity – really disappointed with myself on this one to be perfectly honest.
  • Improve German – fail. Used duolingo for the first couple of months and then just totally gave up.
  • Reduce debt – become more financially responsible – Fail. Debt is probably about the same.
  • Write a journal – fail.
  • Spend time in nature – fail.
  • Cook – ups and downs with this one. But mainly downs.
  • Eat less meat – Fail.
  • Keep informed about current affairs
  • Drink enough water – Success. I drink 2-3 litres of water a day now.
  • Take care of my appearance
  • Learn more for work – Nailed this. Ask me about fintech now, anything, i dare you.
  • Keep kitchen clean – Success.
  • Do activities at the weekend that aren’t just drinking – Doing better at this but still really poorly.
  • Take advantage of living near London – No, I try but I just keep waiting to have people to do the stuff with.

Definitely have a lot of work to do in the next 4 months…


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