‘An election?! Again?! Really? Really.’

So as anyone living in the UK will know, it was announced fairly recently that a general election will be held in June. I am not the only person who is quite  frustrated at yet another election coming around to cause further division in our country.

I would describe my political views as left wing, probably slightly more to the centre than Jeremy Corbyn but still much more left than the current government.

This is my first election living in a majority Conservative area and it is quite different. Being raised in a much more left wing environment, if I am being perfectly honest I have  in the past struggled to think that a person could both vote Conservative and be a nice person which was easy to think when I knew no Conservative voters. But now living in a different environment, I am meeting a lot of people with different political views to me and I am trying to become more open minded. I am learning much more about why people have differing political views to me. This in no way means I am coming around to the Conservative way of thinking (I still think our current government is full of some really terrible people) but I am really working on trying to see things from someone else’s point of view. And I think this is a really important aspect to politics that we are slowly losing with many of us now in a news bubble reading only the opinions of those we already agree with (I am very guilty of this).

This has been quite an incoherent ramble about the current politics of this country.

Whoever you are voting for, make sure you vote. You have 5 days to register to vote if you haven’t already, get your voice heard! Especially if you are a young person in the UK, you are going to be the future of this country. Don’t let pensioners make all the decisions about the country you want to live in…

Also look at the manifestos, read the policies and see what you agree with. Don’t base everything you think on the headlines. Try this website –https://uk.isidewith.com/political-quiz if you aren’t sure about what the policies are and who you agree with.


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