Spring city breaking in Prague

About a year ago, my sister suggested that we go to Prague for a few days with our Mother who has always wanted to go. Unfortunately, my sister was unable to come so I spent 3 nights in Prague with my mother this Spring. Looking back on it now it was a nice break from reality,  and Prague is a really beautiful city. But at the time, it was slightly frustrating and I am sure many others have felt the same when travelling with family!

Travelling with others can always bring up problems but I think with family especially! It has been 5 years since I took a trip with my mother. One of the key differences I struggled to get my head around in comparison to travelling alone/with friends – I was not going to see everything and that was okay. Sometimes it really is better to take it slow, appreciate where you are and who you are with, and not focus too much on ticking everything off your list – I admit I was quite guilty of this! 17545579_10212395620786333_6062994796902134126_o.jpg

Even when not city breaking with family, these are important things to learn! Sometimes who you are with is more important than what you are doing and I think this is something I have always struggled with!

Prague really is as beautiful as everyone says! So I’d highly recommend you go with or without family…


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