Scotland V England

So 9 months ago, after 22 years of life in Scotland, I left for a life ‘down south’. I had never lived more than 80 miles from my parents and now I would be 457 miles from home in a town where I knew no-one. Technically I am still living in the same country, so I can’t possibly compare my move to the struggles faced by migrants. However, I am regularly asked what are the differences between living in England/Scotland? So here’s a blog all about that.


To sum up – Scotland is much more left wing than England, and I fit the political opinions of Scotland much more so than Southern England. This has probably been the biggest difference in my opinion. A general election has recently been announced in the UK which will be my first election south of the border and I think it will give me a better insight into political life here. I have never really known anyone who would admit to voting Conservative before so to be in a constituency now where that seems to be the norm is strange for me. I am trying to handle it but I do feel like it is going to be a struggle. I think I will have to do a whole blog post on my views about the Conservatives and this general election because I don’t want to ramble here. But basically I hate them and I don’t think I will love living here during election time.

Also because of the difference in political views, I would argue that the public services in Conservative governed England are not up to the same standard as those in SNP governed Scotland.


This is a difficult one to summarise. People can vary a lot from place to place even within Scotland, they are much friendlier in Glasgow than in Dundee for example. So my opinions of people in southern England may only apply to a small radius around where I live. People in the south do seem to have a more individualistic view on the world, they focus more on their career and wealth is a key motivator for them. Scots tend to worry a little more about the community as a whole (many exceptions to this)  and tend to be more reluctant to talk positively about themselves. There is definitely much more of a tendency up north to put yourself down.


Things are more expensive in the south. That is just a fact. The difference is particularly clear in rent/houses. I pay twice as much to rent a room in a house share in Reading as I would to rent a room in Glasgow despite not earning much more and therefore will never be able to afford a house here. The houses are close together, they are small.   It sucks having to pay more for less space.

Also if you get ill in England, they will charge you for the prescription unfortunately.

Fun things

Scottish people are more fun – sorry, it’s true. But there are more fun things to do in the South, there are more people here, so there are more businesses looking to take your money to provide you with a good time, simple as that.


Okay, so I’ll admit this list hasn’t covered a lot or said anything particularly new or interesting but it is something I have been thinking of a lot recently. It feels quite different to me living here but I really struggle to articulate why, it may just be that it is far from home. I’d be really interested if anyone else has any opinions on the key differences between Southern England and Scotland.



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