How cruel is your make-up bag?!

I have recently seen a few youtubers post ‘how cruel is my makeup bag?’ videos and like any good sheep, I have decided that I too should evaluate my make up bag. And I suppose, unsurprisingly, the majority of my current make up bag is not cruelty free. So, once again, following the footsteps of the youtubers, I marked each of the cruel products and will replace them with a cruelty free alternative when I have used them. The only one I have replaced so far is the mascara, and trust me, saying goodbye to my Benefit They’re real! mascara was hard. Currently I am using an urban decay mascara but I am not loving it (if anyone has any suggestions for good cruelty free mascara, let me know!)

So this was all going fine, I will replace my make up, because there is no reason why animals should have to suffer so that my face can look marginally better. But, in the past few days, I have been wondering if this is hypocritical. I will stop using make up products tested on animals, but I still eat meat and animal products and I don’t have any immediate plans to stop doing that. Is going cruelty free with my makeup a small good deed and step in the right direction, or is it simply pointless if I am still going to happily eat a cheeseburger?


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