Barry Obama

I am not American. I have never lived in the USA, it’s unlikely I ever will, and I have no American relatives. But I want only the best for the USA, and as the USA has so much power in the world, I believe that the best for the USA can benefit us all.

Living in the UK, I watched the election in awe, how could this be happening? How could this be reality? (I realise it’s easy to point out problems as an outsider). But this isn’t a post about my negative feelings. This is a post about the positive feelings I have for Barack Obama. Living in the UK, I am luckily surrounded mostly by people who agree that he has been a great president. I didn’t have to have exasperated conversations with those around me desperately trying to explain everything that is right with the Obamas. If you live in the US and have family that have strong republican views then I do really do sympathise with you, that must be difficult.

I recently watched the Netflix original film, Barry. It gave some insight into the earlier years of Barack Obama’s life. It gave me more understanding about where he came from and some of the struggles he has faced and overcome. I hoped it would answer some of the questions that I had, but now I have so many more. I want to know more about his life because I find him so incredibly inspiring, more so than any other politician that I am aware of(my political knowledge is fairly limited – if you know of any inspiring politicians let me know!). Whether or not you agree with Obamas political views, I think one of the key points of his success is his passion for his country and it’s citizens. He wants to make things better. He didn’t get into politics for any reason other than to improve the system. And I think that is amazing.

I had hoped this post would be a little bit more articulate and have some kind of insightful conclusion but I’m sorry I am hungover and I just wanted to ramble about my love of Obama.

‘Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.’

Barack Obama


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