What’s wrong with hope?

So 2017 is finally here. Social media pages fill up of hopeful posts, badmouthing 2016 and wishing for better things in 2017, but why should we be hopeful? When the clock struck 12 on December 31st, nothing changed but the calendars on our phones, we were no closer to resolving any of the countless problems in the world.

2017 arrived in my life without any grand ceremony. As the new year arrived, I stood alone in my dark bedroom staring out at fireworks, clutching a glass of wine as tears streamed down my face. Spending new years eve alone was, like most of the unenjoyable things in my life, caused by my own poor decisions. I cannot complain, for there are millions who had worse starts to the year than I. However, it is difficult to feel joyous about the beginning of a new year after spending the last three days of it’s predecessor alone at home.

While every year, I attempt to stay my cynical self and not get roped into the naive optimism that takes over us on January 1st, inevitably gone in a month, I still find myself hopeful as each new year comes around. I have hopes that by this time next year, I will be an improved version of myself, happier, healthier, richer in every possible way. While I once judged myself and others, claiming there was realistically no point in us setting ourselves up to fail, I have been converted.

What is wrong with hope? Without the hope that in 12 months time the world will be a better place, what is the point in going forward? Go into 2017 with hope, be optimistic and have dreams. As the world becomes a more confusing and divided place than ever, we have to work harder than ever before to keep it together. Please do whatever you can in 2017 to make yourself and the world around you better than it was before.


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